X-DOMES EarthCube Grant includes funding for ORR

The 2-year NSF collaborative proposal titled “EarthCube IA: Collaborative Proposal: Cross-Domain Observational Metadata Environmental Sensing Network (X-DOMES)” has been funded by NSF's EarthCube project. The researchers in this project are researching new and evolving methods to observe properties and to process the collected observations. This is a pilot project seeking to target large-NSF funded data programs and associated sensor manufacturers to implement proven technologies in the capture of sensor metadata.  MBARI's Carlos Rueda is participating in the project to provide support for, and changes to, the MMI Ontology Registry and Repository.

The implementation will be aligned with other activities of the EarthCube project. The project proposes to build upon the success of the MMI to demonstrate the functionality and usefulness of registering sensor-related terms using the MMI ORR.  And, these terms will be referenced within registered OGC SWE SensorML documents.

With this funding, the team will also research community readiness in the development of an active cross-domain network of stakeholders, dedicated to pulling content needed for quality assessment and control out of manuals into machine-harvestable, web-enabled, actionable content.

As a co-Principal Investigator in the project, Carlos Rueda of MBARI is funded to make improvements in the configurability, deployability, and maintainability of MMI's Ontology Registry and Repository. One goal of the changes is to support the registration of sensor types and sensor vocabularies using the repository, which may be achieved through customizations or a dedicated deployment of the ORR software.

Principal Investigator Janet Fredericks, of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, leads the collaboration, which includes researchers from UC Santa Barbara, MBARI, and Botts Innovative Research, Inc.