Template for Domain Team Role Guidance

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Workshop Advancing Domain Vocabularies


Each team will have members playing different roles. These roles include:

  • Domain Lead
  • Mapper / Domain Specialist
  • Facilitator
  • Recorder
  • Ontology Specialist
  • Tools Specialist
  • Communication Liaison

Quick Meeting Practices Review

A safe, friendly meeting environment can help leaders achieve the planned meeting goals and objectives. Establishing ground rules that respect individual rights and responsibilities builds trust among participants and can lead to a successful meeting experience. It is frustrating and unproductive to domain team members when opinions are not respected, persons are criticized, and many views are not expressed.

Here are the ground rules for a successful team discussion (taken from University of Minnesota Extension Services web page).

For Group Members:

  • One person speaks at a time.
  • All will share ideas in order.
  • Questions may be asked to clarify ideas.
  • No one may criticize another.
  • Ideas may be reviewed to look for themes.
  • Feelings may be expressed. They are not to be sloughed off or denied.
  • Discussions are about positions, not personalities.

For Facilitator:

  • Make sure participants are physically comfortable.
  • Share meeting ground rules with participants.
  • Communicate with everyone at his/her level.
  • Act as the neutral person - refrain from giving a personal opinion.
  • Maintain a positive group atmosphere.
  • Allow thinking time.


  • lengthy comments
  • giving verbal rewards for good answers
  • asking leading questions, e.g. Who should be in charge? How do you get the government to do it?
  • asking loaded questions using words such as good, pretty, evident, or referring to a population group (senior citizen, children, etc)
  • using a "know it all" tone of voice