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The Workshop

The [group/project name] will host a technical workshop [dates], in [City], [State]. The workshop will focus on developing mappings between existing [overall domain] metadata vocabularies, and making those mapped vocabularies available to users via web services.

Most of the work of the meeting will be performed in small, carefully organized breakout teams, oriented around specific domains. These teams will make significant progress in associating the different vocabularies already defined in their domain. Shortlly after the workshop, we will make the results available for access, ideally via web services. The goals and approach are available.

All of the information from this workshop is available on these pages. Please browse the site -- the links at the top of this document point to the different topics -- to learn about topics of interest to you.

Workshop Agenda

We posted the workshop agenda on the web.

As you can see, the workshop will be technically focused. The first morning will be spent preparing for the technical work, both with training sessions and reviews of the experience of other ontology development efforts. The remaining two days will be largely spent performing technical work in the domain teams.


The MMI team and domain teams defined the vocabulary areas which will be used for the workshop. Each area was tightly focused, to ensure a complete mapping can be achieved. [#] domain areas were established, with [#-#] participants in each.

Registration and News

Registration is available.