How to Find Controlled Vocabularies for Vocabulary Mapping Workshop

Once the domain(s) of interest have been identified for the workshop, one of the next steps is to find controlled vocabularies to be mapped during the workshop. This list includes some tips on how to find those vocabularies.

  • Use this site's search box, or the Vocabularies and Standards Page
  • Ask the experts in the domain to submit controlled vocabularies a month in advance of the workshop. Ideally, these individuals will be participants in the workshop. Their expertise is invaluable during the mapping process.
  • Review on-line data repositories, catalogs, etc. for the domain and try to determine (e.g., ask the person maintaining them) which controlled vocabularies are in use.
  • Use Google

Note: If you find controlled vocabularies that are not indexed on the MMI site, you are welcome to submit them, using the Add an MMI Reference page.