How to Populate Domain Teams for Vocabulary Mapping Workshop


Participants on a team should have a history of working together on the given domain(s).

Domain Lead

The domain lead should be someone with good team building skills and some expertise in the domain. There should be only one domain lead at a given time.

Mapper/Domain Specialist

The mapper/domain specialist should be an expert in the domain, particularly in the controlled vocabularies in use in the domain, and should be able to map relationships between terms in the different vocabularies.

Consider involving a science librarian in a domain specialist role on the teams. There should be at least two or three mappers/vocabulary specialists on each team at a given time.


The facilitator should be someone who can focus the group and keep it efficiently and effectively on task. There should be one facilitator per team at a given time.


The recorder should be someone able to keep track of the mapping discussions and deliberations in great detail, since this information may be used to help revise mappings and/or the mapping process in the future. There should be one recorder per team at a given time.

Tools Specialist

The tools specialist should be someone familiar enough with VINE that they are able to implement the mappings quickly. There should be one tools specialist per team at a given time.

Ontology Specialist

The ontology specialist should be someone familiar with controlled vocabularies and ontology development. This individual will help inform the group of the endpoint and the potential applications of their work. An ontology specialist may not be necessary in every group. This person could roam between a couple of groups.

Communication Liaison

The communication liaison should be someone who can use IM Chat well and is able to record technical and other general issues (other than mapping issues). There should be one communication liaison per team at a given time.