During Workshop Task List for Vocabulary Mapping Workshop.

Use template and guidance materials from the Table of Contents for all of the tasks below.

  • set up workshop, double-check materials, supplies, catering and transportation requirements;
  • provide workshop background and practical, invited presentations. Keep workshop background and presentations relatively minimal to allow sufficient time for participants to work during the breakout sessions;
  • demonstrate the value of vocabulary maps (in finding terms and data, and using data);
  • provide training in participants’ roles, vocabulary mapping, ontology concepts, and tool usage;
  • break up into teams and begin mapping vocabularies;
  • reassemble daily for issue resolution, lesson sharing, and possibly additional training;
  • document, in real time, workshop issues, resolutions, and suggestions;
  • publish all ontologies on the MMI site (the goal should be to complete this step before leaving the workshop);
  • possibly identify the “best” (most complete, mature, useful, or publishable) working vocabularies;
  • identify team leads to continue the progress and maintain each ontology;
  • begin development of white paper, to provide foundation for the workshop report; and
  • take photos for workshop report.