Template for Vocabulary Mapping Workshop

This template is designed to include everything necessary for an organization to hold a successful vocabulary mapping workshop:

  • "How to" pages
  • HTML of the template pages that can be copied and information in brackets completed.

The template involves a full approach that divides tasks into pre-, during, and post-workshop tasks that include the following stages:

  • Identify the domains of interest
  • Find and engage participants in that domain of interest
  • Identify vocabularies for that domain of interest
  • Hold pre-workshop training
  • Hold workshops in which participants can map between domain vocabularies
  • Identify results and next steps in a white paper
  • Develop a post-workshop report
  • Plan follow-up activities

Please note that most tasks are included in the pre-workshop list to minimize the tasks necessary during the actual workshop. It is also possible to modularize this approach (details included).

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