OOSSI Agenda: 20 November 2008 (Thursday)

Conclusions and Plans (8 AM—Noon)

On the final morning, we summarize our achievements and identify next steps.

0800—Session 1: Results

What did we achieve over the last few days?

  • Final Demonstration of Applications
  • Results of breakout mappings
    • vocabularies created
    • terms mapped
    • percentage achieved toward target
    • satisfaction level
    • issues identified


1000—Session 2: Looking Forward

Where is this technology going, and how should we take it there?

  • Group discussion: Technology and framework suitability
  • Planning for the Future
    • AGU presentation coordination
    • MMI plans toward semantic framework (services, tools, information)
    • Application devellopment plans
    • Proposal development
  • 1130—Closing Remarks
  • Final Breakouts as Determined (may continue past noon)
    • Continued work as teams
    • Side meetings

1200—Workshop Conclusion

Box lunches will be provided for a quick getaway.

Or: Some breakout groups, teams, and individuals may choose to continue their work through Thursday afternoon, depending on their own schedules.