OOSSI Agenda: 19 November 2008 (Wednesday)

Going Forward (8:30 AM—5 PM)

Everyone works today to advance the community solutions, and complete group specific objectives.

0830—Session 1: Assessing Capabilities

The workshop will meet in plenary to review the status of existing semantic capabilities, suggest improvements, and guide the MMI semantic community in improving its software and capabilities.

Features Discussion

  • mapping tool features
  • vocabulary creation features
  • ontology service features


1000—Community Presentation: Ben Domenico (UCAR)
Context for Semantic Interoperability: GALEON, OPeNDAP, and WCS

1025—Community Presentation: Rob Raskin (NASA JPL)
Best Practices in Community Semantics

1045—Semantic Framework discussion

  • content issues: issues with semantic framework concept
  • presentation issues and needs: what do you need to understand and explain this?

Preparations for breakout session


1330—Session 2: Mappings and Analysis (break out groups)

Teams and individuals further their mappings in breakouts, and prepare for tomorrow's wrap-up session.

  • New Teams and Individuals: Work on mappings
  • Q2O Team: Mappings/Integration with OOSTethys, or Technical Discussions
  • RA Leads Team: Discussion of semantic interoperability strategy for IOOS RAs
  • All: Prepare summaries for Thursday

Dinner on your own, but a lot of us are going for tapas! Details to be provided.