OOSSI Agenda: 18 November 2008 (Tuesday)

Where We Are
Introductions, Demonstrations, Mappings, and Tasks (8:30 AM—5 PM)

Today all participants are exposed to the latest work in the field of semantic interoperability, including results from teams at the previous workshop; and further their own technical goals.

Opening Presentations

0830—Call To Order: John Graybeal (Marine Metadata Interoperability Project)

0835—Welcome:  Ben Domenico, University Center for Atmospheric Research (UCAR)

0845—Workshop Goals: John Graybeal, Janet Fredericks (WHOI/Q2O Project, Matthew Howard (TAMU/GCOOS)

0855—Featured Community Presentation:  Peter Fox, UCAR
Ontologies and Semantic Applications in Earth Sciences

0925—Community Presentation: Mike Botts, University of Alabama, Huntsville
Context for Semantic Interoperability: SensorML and SWE for Ocean Data


Session 1: Getting on the Same Page

1000—Presentations, Demonstrations, and Reports

  • Demonstrating use of Semantic Interoperability in Implementation of QA/QC (Q2O: QARTOD-to-OGC) [J Fredericks]
    • Demonstration Application
    • Status Update
  • Demonstrating requirements of Semantic Interoperability in a Regional Data Portal (GCOOS) [M Howard]
    • Demonstration Application
    • Status Update
  • Semantic Concepts in Expedition Metadata [R Arko]
    • Review of Activities
    • Status Update: Individual Progress in Semantic Interoperability

1130—Community Presentation: Michael Meisinger, UC San Diego
NSF's Ocean Observing Initiative CyberInfrastructure and Semantics

1145—Community Presentation: Carl Reed, Open Geospatial Consortium
Importance of Semantics to Geospatial Community

Additional Presentation(s) as Time Allows

1200—Assignments and Preparations for Afternoon


1330—Session 2: Technical Work (break out groups)

New Teams and Individuals, RA Leads Team: Creating mappings and identifying issues

Q2O, MMI Teams: Working sessions on mappings and issues resolution

1700—Tour and Dinner: Mesa Lab

A bus will take us to Mesa Lab for a walkabout, followed by dinner.