OOSSI Agenda: 17 November 2008 (Monday)

Training and Preparations (9 AM—5 PM)

This 'preparation day' introduces new participants to the critical technical materials and available tools.

Training will be provided by the MMI Team (John Graybeal, Carlos Rueda, Paul Alexander), assisted by Luis Bermudez of the Southeastern Universities Research Association (SURA).

0900—Welcome and Logistics

  • Welcome
  • Workshop Logistics
  • Registration for MMI Tools

0915—Session 1: Introduction to the World of Semantic Interoperability

  • Motivation: Why do we need semantic interoperability?
    • Use cases for interoperable vocabularies
    • Concepts: semantics, semantic interoperability, Semantic Web x.0, controlled vocabulary, ontology
  • Example(s)—Semantic interoperability in action
  • Resources for further study


1015—Session 2: Technical Training

  • Working with Controlled Vocabularies: An Exercise
  • Types of Ontologies (and Vocabularies)
  • About Semantic Tools
    • For dealing with concepts and ontologies: CMAP, TopBraid / Protege
    • For community interactions (registering, mapping, versioning)
  • The MMI Tools: Basic Semantic Interoperability
    • Voc2RDF: Creating a controlled vocabulary (from scratch, or from a list)
    • MMI Registry: Storing, tracking, and accessing your vocabulary(ies)
    • VINE: Vocabulary Integration Environment) Mapping terms


1330—Session 3: Hands-On Practice

  • Practice: Creating, Registering, and Mapping Vocabularies
    • Going through the steps, Mastering the tools
    • Working with a real vocabulary (yours!)
  • Building a Vocabulary Presentation Page


1615—Session 4: Putting It All Together

  • Tools in a Semantic Framework
  • Walking Through an Interoperability Use Case
  • Advanced Topics
    • Different levels of semantic interoperability
    • URIs: URLs and URNs (and others, oh my!)
    • Versioning: Things to think about
    • What is the meaning of 'same as'?
    • What we aren't telling you

1645—Session 5: Summary

No special dinner plans this evening, everyone gets a chance to sleep off their jet lag and meet with new friends.