Agenda for August 2008 OOS Interoperability Planning Workshop

(All times tentative) - There is a repository of presentation files available.

Day 1: Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Morning Session (8 – 12, with break) Room 1010

Introductions to Interoperability

Data (Semantic) Interoperability: Concepts and Technologies

Technologies for semantic interoperability

Strategies for interoperability

1115 The Sensor Web Enablement Framework (Mike Botts)

  • OGC: Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)
  • Introduction to Sensor Web Enablement (SWE)
  • Description of components: SensorML, O&M, SOS services

Lunch (12 – 1 PM) Afternoon Session (1 – 5 PM, with break)

1300 Continuation of The Sensor Web Enablement Framework

Working Examples of Interoperability

1330 Examples of Sensor Web Enablement in action (Mike Botts)
1400 OOSTethys: SWE Implementation for the Oceanographic Community (Luis Bermudez)

  • Background: OOSTethys and the OGC Ocean Sciences Interoperability Experiment (Oceans IE)
  • Adoption of SWE
  • Encoding semantics in SWE services
  • OOSTethys cookbooks and installation kits
  • Relationship to NOAA-IOOS DIF

Something Completely Different

1500: Interoperability Exercises (John Graybeal)

Using special tools, John will lead the group in discovering what's hard about interoperability.

Other Interoperable Systems in Development

1545 NOAA-IOOS Data Integration Framework (DIF) (Julie Bosch)

  • What is the DIF?
  • Overview of Status

1555 NDBC's implementation of NOAA-IOOS DIF (NDBC staff)
1645 NSF's OOI Cyberinfrastructure devlopment (Matt Arrott)
1700 GEOSS: Taxonomies for Interoperability (Steve Browdy)
1710 ESONet: European Seabed Observatory (Eric Delory)

Day 2: Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Morning Session (8 – 12, with break) Room 4078


Project Introductions

QARTOD/SWE Technical Discussions

0840 Q2O Data Models (Mike Botts)

  1. Generic QA/QC (generic to all data types)
  2. Waves-specific QA/QC

Discuss the Data Model(s) with the goal of adopting for finalizing the development of the SWE implementation. Answer the questions: Will this work in your shop? Does it depict the minimum amount of information required to assure confidence in the data?

1015 SWE draft implementation ~ (Presentation and supporting files) Present development of QA/QC to date for these areas:

  1. Generic QA/QC (generic - e.g., range check)
  2. Waves QA/QC
    1. buoys
    2. ADCPs

Discuss the draft implementation.

Lunch (12 – 1 PM)

Afternoon Session (1 – 5:30 PM, with break)

Vocabulary Mapping Process

1300 Training and Results of Vocabulary Mapping (MMI)

  • Needed infrastructure technologies
  • Key software training: review (tools, services)
  • Hands-on mapping exercise (in group, follow along on your computer)
  • Demonstration of results

Day 3: Thursday, 28 August 2008

Morning Session (8 – 12, with break) Room 4078

Review, Next Steps, Implementation Plans

Note: Dates and location for a November workshop are set: Boulder, CO, November 18-20, 2008 

0800 Review our progress, identify concerns and address them if possible (Graybeal)

0830 Our plans for deliverables (components, processes, docs): schedule, action items (Graybeal)

0900 Who wants to move forward? How? How can we proceed together?

1000 Workshop Closing Remarks

    Breakout Sessions

    10:30 Begin breakout sessions (each group will end on their own)

    Group 1: GCOOS (Matthew Howard)

    • Planning Discussion

    Group 2: Q2O (Janet Fredericks

    • Planning Discussion

    Group 3: MMI (John Graybeal)

    • Strategizing for November Workshop: format, content, participation level, marketing
    • Strategies for Semantic Framework concept: feedback, next steps

    Adjourn (Take-away lunch)