Which Track Should I Pick?

Participants in Track 1 will be challenged to complete a first version of the metadata representations, as well as lessons learned, by the morning of the second day. The only presentations they will attend will be those in plenary session, and they will not be exposed to a broad range of topics.

Participants in Track 2 will be provided a learning and training experience, in which they will hear about recent and useful metadata-related activities and applications. Hands-on exercises will provide a way to gain immediate experience, and experts will be available to address questions and problems. Although this will be an advanced technical track, it will not have the intense focus of Track 1.

We expect to challenge the Track 1 participants fairly aggressively, as we only have a day or so of work time available, and they will be working with very complex technical standards. If you feel comfortable with this scenario, you are welcome to sign up for Track 1, and we will try to put you in an appropriate team. If you are interested in learning more about these standards, but do not have hands-on experience with any of them, Track 2 will provide a sophisticated and fast-paced exposure, and is recommended as a great way to come up to speed.

Since the final discussions of content standards will be held in plenary session, so even if you are in Track 2, you will not miss out on the possibility to participate in and appreciate those discussions.

Please be aware that because we want to maintain an intense focus on the content standard evaluation task, we will need to limit Track 1 participation. It may be expected that not everyone interested in participating in Track 1 will be able to do so. We will choose breakout team participants for Track 1 based on level of experience with content standards and data management, familiarity with oceanographic or technical domains, and general insight on these topics. The registration process will attempt to collect this information; you are welcome to mention relevant details (just a few lines, please) in the comments section at the end of the registration process.

We appreciate your understanding of the challenges in arranging this kind of meeting, and we hope you will find it enjoyable in every respect.