Track 1 (Evaluating Sensor Metadata Standards): Activities and Use Cases

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Participants in the metadata standards evaluation will be expected to be familiar with at least one content standard, and with the general nature of marine data management. They will be asked to register their interest in a particular content standard, and assigned to a group working with that standard. Some preliminary vetting of their qualifications may be performed.

Materials will be provided to participants on the assigned content standard before the workshop. They will be expected to bring enough familiarity with that standard to be productive at the workshop.

Use Cases

Track 1 will make use of several use cases. Each use case describes the intended final application of the data, so as to encourage the participants to think about the real-world needs for the metadata descriptions. It is assumed that the metadata descriptions are created before, or as, the data itself is originated.

In brief, the use cases address:

  • a data stream from a fixed platform must be discovered in a catalog by variable name or sensor type
  • reference (possibly automatically) an original data stream, given a visual representation of the data
  • sensor deployed in a deep ocean observatory must be accessed by, and produce data for, multiple users
  • data quality must be evaluated a year after it is collected

These use cases may be refined by planners and participants at the start of the workshop.