The MMI Workshop: Sensor Metadata Interoperability

Workshop Report Released! The Sensor Metadata Interoperability Workshop Report has been released (Details...) (Download report)

The Second MMI Workshop: Sensor Metadata Interoperability

Following our successful Advancing Marine Vocabularies workshop, The Marine Metadata Interoperability Project held a Sensor Metadata Interoperability workshop October 19-20, 2006, in Portland, Maine. The workshop focused on the content standards needed for data systems to work with and exchange sensor metadata.

There was no fee to attend this workshop. Registrations were closed Monday, October 16.

Workshop Agenda

This workshop was very technical. Participants were expected to have a familiarity with some material in advance, and to be prepared to discuss alternatives. Attendees of the first track were urged to consider standards and best practices that could serve as community agreements for sensor metadata interoperability. Attendees in the second track attended hands-on training and presentations to bring them up to speed on sensor metadata interoperability.

The detailed workshop agenda was posted. It was updated until the workshop began.

The workshop formally closed at 2:30 PM Friday, but informal discussions continued that afternoon, for those who are interested.

Areas of Interest

Track 1 of this workshop was focused on selecting one or more preferred content standard(s) for sensor metadata in observing systems.

We presented the following topics in Track 2 of this workshop, which included hands-on experience and some expert presentations:

  • Controlled Vocabularies and Ontologies for sensor metadata,
  • Interoperable Frameworks for sensor metadata, and
  • Catalogs in which to register sensor metadata.

Please see the agenda for more details about these two tracks.

Sensor Vocabularies and Standards

The MMI site has information about sensor metadata content standards and vocabularies, which we organized and expanded for this workshop. If you have knowledge of standards or developments in these areas, please contact us to provide your insights. We want to be as authoritative as possible in these areas.

Registration and News

Registration closes Monday October 16. After that date, contact John Graybeal if you want to attend the workshop.

There was a reception from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM Wednesday, October 18, at GoMOOS headquarters, a short walk from the hotel. All workshop attendees are invited.