Voc2RDF is a web-based tool for converting flat-file controlled vocabulary documents containing tabular data into RDF documents that use classes and terms. The tool allows users to provide a delimited file, a basic set of metadata, and produce a RDF/XML document that can be imported into the MMI Ontology Registry and Repository (ORR) and/or downloaded for use on a local computer. Currently, voc2rdf supports the following features:

  • Import/export comma, semicolon, tab, and pipe delimited data
  • Basic editing of tabular data, including the addition/removal of rows and columns
  • Custom or MMI-provided URIs
  • OMV Metadata: Title, Creator, Description, Authority
  • Representation of vocabularies using OWL classes and terms
  • Direct submission to the MMI ORR

Semantic Web vocabularies are represented using the Resource Description Framework (RDF). Simple vocabularies are those easily expressed in ASCII-table like format, where a term, its properties and its relations to other terms are all given in one row. RDF allows to conceptualize and express the vocabulary in a standard XML format (RDF).

Voc2RDF facilitates the transformation of simple vocabularies into a format that can be used by Semantic Web tools; in particular, tools that facilitate semantic translations across vocabularies, facilitating semantic interoperability.

A related extension of this functionality is the conversion of CSV contents into RDF using SKOS.  This particular functionality is enabled when the "voc2skos" format is selected in the Upload Ontology wizard sequence in the MMI ORR.

These conversion tools are integrated in the MMI Ontology Registry and Repository (MMI ORR).

To provide feedback, please contact us or use our Google Code issue tracker.