About VINE 1.4


Please note, the VINE standalone version is no longer maintained.

See this reference for updated information.


VINE standalone application version 1.4.0

Versions available at Download at SourceForge.

Tests page for version 1.4.0.


VINE is a tool that allows users to perform fast mappings of terms across ontologies. It has the following features:

  • Performs smart searches finding resources in ontologies by matching
    text contained in the statements where the resource is contained.
  • Can search using regular expressions.
  • Minimum number of clicks to perform mappings.
  • Easy to plug in any arbitrary mapping framework.
  • Non intrusive to imported ontologies. Mapping are stored in an
    external file. Ontologies containing the resources that are being mapped
    are not edited, even if they are localized in a local file.
  • Exports the mappings in a text file. Useful for importing in Excel or a database.
  • Adds metadata to any mapping allowing to assign:
    • time-stamping
    • comments
    • confidence level


Downloadable Vine

VINE's mappings editor

Related tools:

  • voc2rdf: A Web tool that transforms a simple vocabulary into the
    Resource Description Framework, RDF, format.
  • voc2owl (deprecated in favor of voc2rdf): allows to create ontologies automatically from ASCII files.

For questions and additional help please send messages to the VINE list.

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