About VINE

VINE is a vocabulary Integration Environment Tool, developed by MMI.


VINE: Vocabulary Integration Environment

Formerly a standalone application, the VINE tool has been completely rewritten as a web application and integrated in the MMI Ontology Registry and Repository (ORR)

The VINE mapping builder allows to create and edit mappings between concepts and terms in multiple ontologies or controlled vocabularies. Mapping between controlled vocabularies in a given domain is essential to interoperability between different data systems in the domain. In other words, it is important to have a machine-readable way for a search computer to understand how terms are related (for example, if one term is equivalent to, more general than, or narrower than another term).

For more information, please see the Working with Mappings section in the MMI ORR User Manual.

Related tools:

  • voc2rdf: A Web tool that transforms a flat-file based vocabulary into the Resource Description Framework, RDF, format.
  • voc2owl (deprecated in favor of voc2rdf): allows to create ontologies automatically from ASCII files.
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