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Ocean Observing Systems Semantic Interoperability Workshop Series

In cooperation with Gulf of Mexico Coastal Observing System (GCOOS), and the QARTOD-to-OGC (Q2O) project, MMI hosted a series of two workshops to significantly advance semantic interoperability for ocean observing.

The Ocean Observing System Semantic Interoperability Workshop Series involved two meetings, and the development of information and applications between them.

MMI Awarded 3-Year Grant

NSF has awarded a 3-year grant to the Marine Metadata Interoperability project. The grant begins July 1, 2006, and includes funding for members of 7 institutions.

This is the second round of NSF funding for MMI. It follows a 1-year grant provided October 1, 2004. Other organizations have also provided grants and resources supporting MMI, including SURA (with very large in-kind support from ONR funds) and NOAA Coastal Services Center.

The Principal Investigators for this grant are:

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