Haiying Wang

Moving Between Standards (Crosswalking)

Crosswalks are human- or computer-readable documents that map metadata elements between different metadata standards.

Crosswalks can apply to content standards, vocabularies, or both. An automated crosswalk process may take an instance of a metadata description that is presented in a particular format and change the format and element names and the values within those elements (i.e., the vocabulary) to meet the requirements of the second standard.

Harmonization of Metadata Standards

Metadata standards are often described in terms of element names and definitions. A standard defines the rules for how the metadata are structured and also the appropriate content for the various elements.

However, different standards can be stated in different ways. In other words, a particular standard (the source standard) doesn’t have to use the same element labels (names) for similar content, or allow the same terms to be filled in to each element as another standard (the target standard).

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