Kyle Hogrefe

Standards Bodies

One of the primary questions to ask when considering a metadata standard is who developed the standard. A standard that was developed with broad, organized community input, and which has an organization to manage and maintain it is more likely to be useful, widely adopted, and persistent into the future. Here, three of the larger standards bodies are describe: the International Standards Organization (ISO), the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI), and the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC).

The Importance of Metadata Standards

Metadata Standards are sets of topic-specific norms and definitions that guide the collection and documentation of metadata so that the result has consistent collection criteria, nomenclature, and structure. This consistency defines formal metadata. Creation of formal metadata through adherence to standards is essential for sharing data, for data management within the project, and for future funding.

The Importance of Metadata

If you have ever wanted to use someone else's data, such as for a meta-analysis or for comparison with your own data, you may have had a difficult time finding, deciphering, and using that data. You may have found that critical information about the data is missing. Worse, there may have been no clear contact information where you could send questions.

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