What is a node?

The current MMI website is based on Drupal technology. In this system, each piece of content is called a node. A node can be of different types, including events, news, opportunties, references, pages, book pages.

Each node is assigned a unique number, which can be used to access the content in question.

For example, this page is assigned node 6065 

Content can be accessed directly using either the node number, or the assigned URL.

How do URLs work on the MMI site?

URLs are assigned in the content entry page, using the shortname and URL parent fields. For more information about URL conventions in use on the MMI site, see the link below.

In general, the shortname and URL parent should be used to generate the alias. In rare cases, members might need to assign "special" URLs. This should be done carefully, and only as prescribed by MMI URL conventions and procedures.

I can't login! How can I reset (or get) my password?

Accounts on the MMI website are connected to an email address. To find your username and change your password, follow this process:

Am I a member of any of the MMI "Committees and Groups"?

As with many webpages, there are variety of ways to determine in which groups you are a member. The quickest method is to use the "My Teams" link directly below your username.

You can also determine your membership by going to Community: Committees and Groups, and clicking the "My Groups" tab. 

What is my group's ''Short Name''?

Each team on the MMI webpage is assigned a "group_shortname". A variety of functions on the MMI site utilize group short names, including the URL Conventions. What follows is a list of full group titles, and short names.

What can I contribute to MMI?

The MMI site is designed to be a dynamic community, built on contributions from people like you. There are a variety of ways you can contribute content to the site. We encourage the participation of everyone who has an interest in this area.

Why should I become an MMI member?

Membership does have its privileges, including the ability to:

How do I become an MMI Member?

To register, you will need to provide some basic information about yourself, including contact information.

Once you have completed the registration form, you will receive a confirmation email, and you will be given basic access to the site.

Why should I NOT delete content pages?

Our current policy is to not remove nodes. We have created a special "role" called the Trashman, and a special workflow state called "Quarantined". The Trashman will be responsible for reviewing nodes marked for deletion.

Most of the nodes (pages) on the Drupal site were ported from the Plone site, and one of our goals was to ensure that the old URLs would work on the new site. Therefore, we set up a table of redirects that point URLs to specific nodes, using node numbers.


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