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MMI Ontology Registry and Repository Site Transition

Migration of completed on schedule

The MMI Ontology Registry and Repository (ORR) has transitioned to its new home at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi (TAMU-CC). On Friday September 6, Technical Lead Carlos Rueda worked with Felimon Gayanilo (Systems Architect, Harte Research Institute) and Phil Hale (Systems Administrator) of Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi to re-host the site.

MMI's Semantic Repository to TAMU-Corpus Christi

Migration of Scheduled for 11 AM PT Friday

The MMI Ontology Registry and Repository (ORR) at will be transitioning to its new home at Texas A&M University Corpus Christi on Friday September 6.  This doesn't reflect any change of community leadership, it is simply changing the machine the site runs on.

We expect this move, scheduled for 11 AM Pacific Time, will be invisible to most users. However, we have allocated a 2-hour maintenance window in case there are any difficulties.

Watch this space!

More MMI announcements to come!

After a bit of walkabout, the MMI project is getting more attention. You'll want to come back and visit the site in the next few weeks to get the latest news and updates.  And here's the first!

In the meantime, tweet us and the ocean community at #marinemetadata with information, questions, and suggestions about marine metadata.

SPARQL Examples for IOOS Vocabularies

In general, SPARQL queries can be done against the ORR SPARQL endpoint at using HTTP GET and POST requests.

You can exercise this functionality using the form at

The example queries below can be executed directly from this page by clicking the corresponding Submit button.

MMI Survey: Thank You

Hi everyone!

We very much thank you for completing the MMI survey. It will be extremely valuable as we plan our future. If you want to learn more about the status of the program, please see our project status.

If you have more thoughts stimulated by the survey, please feel free to contact us via the MMI contact form, or add your comment to this blog post.

If you volunteered some time to help with particular aspects of MMI's work, accept our extra thanks!

MMI Projects (Things We Do)

MMI leads many projects to further its mission, often coordinating the contributions of volunteers from many institutions. If you want to help, or even take responsibility for a project that interests you, we welcome your contribution.

Significant MMI Projects


The Guides Team leads the development of the MMI Guides, a set of guidance documents that introduce readers to all aspects of metadata and good practices.

MMI: What We Don't Do

As wide as MMI ranges, some things are beyond us, and some are not appropriate to our mission. (And some things we just do not do yet!) To minimize confusion, we've laid out a few of the things we are not doing below.

New Text Editor, Theme Changes Made Live

The web team has made some changes to the functioning of the website. The first is a new text editor to replace the old one, tinymce, which had been giving us problems. The new editor can do some great stuff - like cleaning up HTML output from Microsoft Word and Find and Replace content on a node. Please report any problems you have with the editor using our issues database.

Marine Metadata Communities and Teams

The following teams are hosted by MMI and focused on achieving community goals of marine metadata interoperability.

How to create new email lists with mailman and add new members

To create new lists please follow this instructions:

Run this script on mmi (with sudo -- if you do not have sudo permission you can copy this script to your own folder):

/Users/bermudez/bin/newlist nameOfTheList

This defaults the list owner to techlead (at (currently John).

When you're prompted to hit enter to notify the owner, all is well.

To remove ( and other functions ) go to /usr/share/mailman/bin for commands; remove is rmlist -a (to remove with all the archives)


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