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Marine Science and the Semantic Web

MMI has long considered a semantic component critical to enabling the highest levels of data interoperability. To that end, MMI has developed a set of guidance documents, worked with the marine science community to establish a set of best practices, and developed tools to allow users to work with semantic technologies without becoming bogged down in the intricacies of the semantic web. The resulting Semantic Framework will facilitate data interoperability in the marine science community while providing linkages to the broader semantic web.

This page introduces MMI's Semantic Framework development efforts and includes links to relevant documentation, guidance, tools, and presentations that have been created by and for the various communities that collaborate and support MMI's Semantic Framework.

We would love to have feedback on any of the information presented here. Feel free to get in touch.

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New to Semantics?

If the MMI Guidance below doesn't get you started right, try some of the other material referenced in our basic semantic resources page.

Basic Semantic Framework Resources

MMI Guidance


MMI recently held a workshop to demonstrate, discuss, and work with the Semantic Framework. Relevant presentations are provided below.

MMI Tools

Additional MMI Resources