Note: Voc2OWL is no longer maintained.  Please, use the Web-based application Voc2RDF instead.

voc2owl image

Version 1.1 (2005-11-22)

New and Noteworthy

  • SaveAs was added to the menu.
  • Save key stroke, saves with the last file name and no dialog shows up.
  • If a property is change the transformation will performed with the values you see (not the ones saved)
  • Transformation errors are shown if they occur, stopping the process. They are saved in a log file.
  • Progress Monitor added to give feedback while transforming

Download details

Downloads are available in the downloads folder. You need JAVA previously installed. Download it, unzip it and run it.

Example files are available in a zip file.


A new version of a similar tool is available online here: VOC2RDF