SSDS Sensor Types

The Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute has been developing a sophisticated data system for many of its research platforms for some time. The data system has always described its data sources and platforms fairly thoroughly, and used a device type categorization to group the devices.

In 2006 developers reviewed the existing device types, which had grown muddled over time, and reorganized them to follow functional categories. Although this model has some difficulties (overlapping functions for given instruments being just one example), several discussions with users of SSDS prompted this choice. SSDS operations and engineering users were the most likely to use this field to find sensors, and functionality seemed the most powerful organizing theme.

The resulting list is moderately complete, but mixes other attributes
(device name) into the subcategories, and combines categories and
subcategories into a single field for unrelated (data system
development) reasons. So it is not recommended as a definitive
categorization, but may make a useful starting point.

With about 500 data sources categorized, this organization seems fairly coherent.