SEACOOS Data Dictionary v2.0

The SEACOOS Data Dictionary v2.0 is an extention of the Climate and
Forecast (CF) Standard Names Table (v1).  This dictionary includes
standard names that are coordinate-related, time_date names,
atmospheric data, physical oceanographic, chemical oceanographic,
electromagnetic radiation, ADCP, sensor-related, platform-related, and
navigation not available or modified from CF Standard Names Table (v1)
at the time of the project. For each name, there is a definition, short
name, long name, data type, data class, units, axis, valid range,
parameter reference, instrument general, equivalent standard name, and

The SEACOOS project concluded in 2008, although many resources are still
on line.  IOOS, GCOOS, and SECOORA are currently updating this
and will be publishing a new version sometime in 2010.  The following persistent 
links document the dictionary as developed under SEACOOS.  This reference provides lineage to future vocabulary work.