Some Ontology Links

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Standards, tools and other useful links for ontology development.

Ontologies Work at MMI

The ontology work at MMI includes development of ontologies for the marine domain, tools, workshops and web services.

Web Ontology Language - OWL

OWL is a semantic markup language for publishing and sharing ontologies on the World Wide Web.


A free, open-source tool for setting up ontologies and other knowledge representatation structures.

Protege Tutorial for MMI

MMI created this basic tutorial to Protege for use in its workshops.

The Manchester Pizza Ontology

An excellent introduction to OWL with a tutorial for creating your first ontology in Protege

SKOS - Simple Knowledge Organisation Systems

A simple ontology language designed for specifying hierarchial relationships between concepts.

Are Ontologies Overrated?

A fairly comprehensive, highly readable critique of ontologies as a classification method, as compared to more organic, user-driven, free-form organizing strategies. Some valuable guidelines for choosing between the two approaches.