NSGIC Metadata Primer

The National States Geographic Information Council (NSGIC), with funding from the Federal Geographic Data Committee's Competetive Cooperative Agreements Program (CCAP), established The Metadata Primer as the second phase of their metadata research and education project. The Primer is a central location for metadata definitions and information for digital spatial data, and provides a "practical explanation of the metadata standard for state and local governments".

Description from Primer website:

This primer is designed to provide a practical overview of the issues associated with developing and maintaining metadata for digital spatial data. It is targeted toward an audience of state, local, and tribal government personnel. The document provides a "cook book" approach to the creation of metadata. Because much of the most current information on metadata resides on the Internet, the primer summarizes relevant material available from other World Wide Web (WWW) home pages. The primer begins with a discussion of what metadata is and why metadata is important. This is followed by an overview of the Content Standards for Digital Geospatial Metadata (CSDGM) adopted by the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC). Next, the primer focuses on the steps required to begin collecting and using metadata. The fourth section deals with how to select the proper metadata creation tool from the growing number being developed. Section five discusses the mechanics of documenting a data set, including strategies on reviewing the output to make sure it is in a useable form. The primer concludes with a discussion of other assorted metadata issues.

Comments on the metadata primer can be sent to: dhart@macc.wisc.edu or hphillips@ibm.net.