Moss Landing Marine Metadata Conference 2003

Moss Landing Marine Labs Metadata Workshop (2003.10.20-21, Moss Landing, California)

The purpose of the workshop is to identify and describe important metadata fields for the marine science community. The workshop will include a facilitator and participants from approximately 20 agencies, non-profits, for-profit corporations and academic institutions. The participant list will represent the unique combination of marine science, data management and GIS expertise. The event will focus on identifying the metadata fields and information necessary to describe certain types of marine data.

The workshop will use the practical framework provided by the ArcGIS Marine Data Model and its common marine data types to help identify the necessary metadata fields and information. However, the workshop will not focus on the ArcGIS Marine Data Model. The workshop will also incorporate the FGDC/ISO metadata standards.

Identifying and describing the important metadata fields will be the first step toward developing informal marine metadata standard(s), which can then be used as the foundation for effective data search and retrieval.

Relevance Estimate: Very High

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