Dublin Core Metadata Initiative DCMI

The Dublin Core Metadata Standard includes a specification of all metadata terms maintained by the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative, including elements, element refinements, encoding schemes, and vocabulary terms (the DCMI Type Vocabulary). Although the standard was developed for bibliographic purposes, primarily, it has also been used for other metadata documentation purposes.

In 2002 it had 15 standard optional elements and by 2003 it had added more than 30 additional elements and qualifiers. The elements are presented in an XML Schema and in an RDF schema.

DCMI defines properties but does not define the ranges and elements of these properties, thus provides great flexibility for its use. There are some defined classes to help identify schemas that maybe used in the description. For example, the subject schemes supported by DCMI are: LCSH, Mesh, DDC, LCC, UDC.

The success of Dublin Core is its simplicity of 15 non-mandatory elements and its additional small set of qualified elements. Dublin Core properties and RDF properties are linked by inheritance, using the rdf:subproperty relationship.