Standardized Region Names

List of marine regions, based on the NASA GCMD keyword list for locations

Part of the Climate and Forecast standard specification, which is designed mainly for use with NetCDF, this list was based on the NASA GCMD keyword list for locations on 12 December 2002.

The CF version has several differences, including that it is a flat vocabulary where the GCMD is an hierarchy.

The CF community retained only the names of marine geographical regions from the GCMD list. They excluded (a) countries (these could be added if required), (b) regions that could be specified by coordinate ranges in CF (e.g. western hemisphere), (c) ill-defined regions (e.g. west Africa), (d) names for layers and surfaces of the Earth (e.g. mantle, sea floor), which are or would be included in standard names if required. 

Syntax changes included changing the names to lower case and replacing the separators within the names by underscores, to be consistent with the style used for CF standard names.

The intention is to keep this list consistent with GCMD.