CDI Sea Search Sensor and Platform Vocabularies

Sea Search was a European data management initiative (ended in 2005). It was funded to develop and operate a pan-european infrastructure for ocean and marine data management, with many corresponding goals listed on the site.

Sea Search has created a protocol for exchanging metadata about their observations (based on ISO 19115), and vocabulary lists for specifying many of the fields, including sensors, platforms, and measurements. The vocabulary lists use code values as a common reference key, corresponding to a brief named entity.

It built a number of metadatabases across Europe and the Mediterranean countries (36 partners), including EDMED (dataset level), EDMERP (projects), EDMO (organisations) and the Common Data Index - CDI - (data granule level).

SeaDataNet is a new 5-year EU project that has effectively taken over from SEA-SEARCH with the objective of building a virtual data centre based on the SEA-SEARCH metadatabases. The project has also inherited another metadatabase (EDIOS) from EuroGOOS, which is an inventory of observing programmes.

Other vocabulary lists of possible general interest include organizations and datums.