Ontology for Devices: Latest Agendas

Devices Ontology WG Mtg 2010.11.02

Agenda/minutes for Device Ontology Working Group meeting 2010.11.02


  1. Logistics: Welcome, Minutes Review, Agenda Review
  2. Ontology updates
  3. AGU presentation
  4. Other topics/reports
  5. End Logistics: Next meeting, Action items, Attendees


Logistics: Welcome, Minutes Review, Agenda Review

  • "notepad": see ietherpad link above. 
  • Minutes review - 
  • Agenda approval -.

Ontology updates

Per last meeting discussion (see also this email).

  • Removed management aspects related with deployments:
    • - property Device hasDeployment Deployment
    • - property Deployment deployedDevice Device
    • - other associated properties having Deployment as domain (hasLocation, start/endDate)
    • - class Deployment
    • - property Device hasDeployedMedium Medium
  • Removed management aspects related with applied operational procedures:
    • - property Device hasAppliedOperationalProcedure AppliedOperationalProcedure
    • - property AppliedOperationalProcedure appliedOperationalProcedureSystem Device
    • - property AppliedOperationalProcedure hasOperationalProcedure OperationalProcedure
    • - other associated properties having AppliedOperationalProcedure as domain
    • - class AppliedOperationalProcedure
  • - removed property CalibrationValue hasCount int  (unclear what it was about)
  • Other management aspects removed (for consistency with the above):
    • - property OperationalProcedure hasOperationalProcedureCompletion {uncomplete, successful, unsuccessful}
    • - property OperationalProcedure hasOperationalProcedureUniqueId string.  I think this was intended as an ID for the particular application of the operation procedure.
    • - property OperationalProcedure producesOperationalProcedureLog string  (label: producesLog)
    • - property Device hasFunctionalityStatus {broken, calibrated, operational, verified}
    • - removed property CalibrationValue hasTypedValue TypedValue (label: hasValue). Removed under the assumption that this property was to capture the resulting value when some calibration procedure is applied. Now, if the intend is to capture values that are expected (including ranges), then we can re-incorporate, say with the name hasExpectedValue.

Resulting ontology: http://mmisw.org/ont/mmi/20101005T221039/device

  • Comments?
    • This update is very welcome; makes the ontology more focused (less is more).

AGU presentation

Presentation shall include: related efforts and synergies; the development process; lessons learned; applications and how to extend the ontology. 
Typical questions:
(Rough) presentation outline
  • MMI  
  • Device Ontology Working Group 
  • Motivation  
  • The process
    • Logistics (participants, telecons, format for proposed additions/changes)
    • Facets and facets-to-ontology methodology
    • ...
  • The ontology
    • Central class hierarchy
    • Properties
    • Linkage with external resources
  • Applications
    • Multibeam extension
    • Describing a particular instrument
    • Exploiting the information
      • Faceted search
      • openioos
    • Application in OOI
  • Lessons learned
    • process important
    • not fully-fledged ontology yet
    • get consensus at some manageable level (do not pretend to crosswalk everything to everything!)
    • there never will be a single authoritative vocabulary for device types
    • Visual representation is important
    • Model: regular discussions as opposed to workshops
    • Difficult to show end-to-end solution including faceted-search
  • Future
    • incorporate services (faceted-search)
    • ...
  • Conclusion

Other topics/reports

  • none

End Logistics: Next meeting, Action items, Attendees

Action Items

DevOnt tracker: http://code.google.com/p/devont/issues/list

Next Telecon Time

Next telecon is Tuesday 2010.11.16 at 1500 UTC.


  • Nan Galbraith
  • Bob Arko
  • Carlos Rueda