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Other Image Metadata Referencesgraybeal 2009.05.23  2009.01.27
IPTC Core Schema for XMP v 1.0 revision 8Anonymous 2009.02.13  2008.02.21
EXIF Schema Version 2.2Anonymous 2009.02.13  2008.02.21
Adobe XMP SpecificationAnonymous 2009.02.13  2008.02.21
ExifToollonny 2008.07.04  2008.01.04
Introduction to the CenSeam Image Metadata Projectgraybeal 2008.07.04  2007.12.06
Metadata Specification for Environmental Imageslonny 2012.06.06  2007.08.31
Automatic Exposure Project -- Technical Metadatagraybeal 2008.07.04  2007.07.29
Technical Advisory Service for Images Metadata Guidancegraybeal 2008.07.04  2007.05.31
CenSeam: A Global Census of Marine Life on Seamountsgraybeal 2008.07.04  2007.05.24