Recent Metadata News

MMI "On the Map"

The Marine Metadata Interoperability (MMI) project was featured prominently in two presentations at the recent AAG meeting. Dawn Wright presented information on Trans-Atlantic partnerships, and participated in a panel on Distributed Geospatial Information Processing (see below for details). By providing tools and expertise, MMI facilitates data sharing, which can lead to scientifically sound and innovative projects. One such example is the Oregon Coastal Atlas.

Metadata Discussion in QARTOD IV Report

The recently released workshop report of the QARTOD 4 workshop held in June, 2006 includes a synopsis of metadata discussions and recommendations.

7th ICHE Proceedings Online

The proceedings of the 7th ICHE have been submitted and published in the DSpace Digital Library! To view the publications, visit You can search by author, title, and keywords.

ISWG Taxonomy of Standards

The IEEE Committee on Earth Observations (ICEO) Standards Working Group, or ISWG, has attempted to categorize the types of standards used in earth observations. This taxonomy will serve the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS), among other users.

MMI Awarded 3-Year Grant

NSF has awarded a 3-year grant to the Marine Metadata Interoperability project. The grant begins July 1, 2006, and includes funding for members of 7 institutions.

This is the second round of NSF funding for MMI. It follows a 1-year grant provided October 1, 2004. Other organizations have also provided grants and resources supporting MMI, including SURA (with very large in-kind support from ONR funds) and NOAA Coastal Services Center.

The Principal Investigators for this grant are:

Marine Metadata *Initiative* Wiki

The predecessor to the Marine Metadata Interoperability project, the Marine Metadata Initiative, created this Wiki to maintain ongoing documentation.

The link address is: