Newly Released WMS to KML Conversion Service

WMS to KML Conversion Service AnnouncedUsing an eXtensible Stylesheet Language Translation (XSLT), the developers at the Earth Data Analysis Center (EDAC) recently released a new WMS to KML conversion service.

More information is available on the EDAC page.

According to EDAC, the developed XSL stylesheet encodes a series of mappings from XML elements in the WMS Capabilities XML document into corresponding KML elements that define the access model for each WMS layer hosted by the service from which the Capabilities document was generated. In an effort to streamline the use of the developed XSLT conversion capability developed in this project, a simple web service was developed that accepts incoming requests that specify a GetCapabilities URL and requested file format (KML or KMZ).

The service may be accessed at

The XSLT may be accessed at
This stylesheet is shared under the GPLv3 Open Source license and can provide the foundation for a similar service that is customized to meet the specific needs of other applications.