OOI Moves From Concept, Through Planning, to Building!

OOI LogoBeginning in September, 2009, the Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI) will build and deploy a worldwide network of sensors. This infrastructure project will enable the collection and distribution of data, which will be used to address many of the complex questions faced by the marine community.  Completion date for the network deployment is projected to be 2014.  Participation by the wider scientific community is encouraged.  To see how you can be involved, visit the OOI website.



Excerpts From the Press Release


The OOI is a transformative infrastructure project that will provide an expandable and adaptable network for observing complex ocean processes such as climate variability, ocean circulation, and ocean acidification across a range of spatial scales at several coastal, open-ocean, and seafloor locations. Continuous data flow from hundreds of sensors will be integrated by a sophisticated computing network and will be openly available to scientists, policy makers, students, and the public.  The OOI is expected to transform ocean science research and education by providing unprecedented power and bandwidth for an interactive connection to the ocean through diverse sets of sensors, and near real-time access to data.

“This award represents the fulfillment of over a decade of planning and hard work by hundreds of ocean scientists, and also reflects the commitment of the National Science Foundation to new approaches for documenting ocean processes. Those of us within the OOI project team are excited to play a role in implementing this unique suite of observing assets – knowing that we’re building an infrastructure that will transform ocean sciences,” said Ocean Leadership Vice President and OOI Program Director Tim Cowles