MMI Plans: Spring 2013

The MMI Steering Committee met Friday, April 5 to discuss some near term and long term plans. From site relocation, to project incorporation, to more technical activities, read more to learn the latest.

The MMI sites will be transitioning soon, as UCSD/Scripps Institution of Oceanography's service in this role comes to a close. Many thanks to the SIO team for their support! We will have an announcement soon about our new hosting partners, starting an exciting new collaboration in ocean metadata and semantic systems.

We don't expect any visible changes as a result of this transition, but will keep the site updated as the cutover nears.

Then, the Steering Committee heard a proposal from the Project Lead to make MMI a formal charitable organization. This has been discussed in the past, but seems particularly appropriate now to confirm MMI's long-term status, and help us accept and manage project money. Investigations so far suggest the change is entirely feasible and within reach given the current commitments of team members. The discussion was thoughtful, and we will quickly investigate remaining details and tradeoffs to allow a final decision.

Do you have any thoughts or suggestions about this idea?  Contact John Graybeal or a Steering Committee member, to let us know! (Offers of help will also be thoughtfully considered.)

Finally, we discussed the latest activites on the ORR repository, where additional community vocabularies are being regularly added, and on the MMI web site. We are starting to explore the technologies for moving these sites to more current platforms—let John Graybeal or Carlos Rueda know if you have technical skills with Drupal that you'd like to put to good use.