MMI provides browsing for CF standard names!

MMI has created a new service to browse Standard Names of the NetCDF Climate and Forecast Convention.

CFSN uses the CF Standard Names vocabulary, as hosted in the MMI Ontology Registry and Repository, to provide a browseable and searchable interface to the Standard Names. With the CFSN tool, you can easily see the Standard Names, their definitions, and their canonical units; search for any particular standard name or substring (including Regular Expression and GLOB searching!); and follow linked names to learn more about any specific name. But there are more features than that….

The tool has additional features targeting scientific, semantic, and software specialists. For example, the domain search categories offered by CF's HTML list of standard names (Atmospheric Dynamics, Carbon Cycle, etc.) is included, and we also support multiple category selection, or searching within a category.

By default the tool searches across all the information in the standard names table—name, description, and canonical units—but it can also perform additional simple string searches within any of those three fields. Search strings can also be specified in the URL for the service, for example, will perform a search for cloud_base.

For those interested in the semantic links for these terms, CFSN provides the URIs for the terms in both the MMI Ontology Registry and Repository, and the NERC Vocabulary Server, with multiple formats offered for describing those URIs.

For more information, read more about the tool at the GitHub wiki, or visit its GitHub repository.