Additions and improvements to the MMI Guides

The Guides Team has been working very hard this year in order to advance and expand the MMI Guides. We recently published an enhanced Ontologies section that includes many new guides, greatly expands other guides, and improves the organization of the section. This brings the total number of guides to 76, each professionally reviewed by experienced metadata practitioners.

We have also implemented a new format for the Guides, with many new features. We encourage you to read about them and take a look for yourself.

The new features (see example below) include:

  • structures for links to related definitions, vocabularies & standards, references, and supplemental content,
  • an improved glossary with automatic linking of glossary terms and mouse-over definition pop-ups,
  • a new feedback mechanism at the bottom of each page for users to provide comments,
  • and a recommended citation format for each guide.

We hope these improvements will enhance your MMI Guides experience. Please leave us comments (you can use the new feedback link at the bottom) and let us know what you think of the content and features. We welcome your input!