BioPortal 2.0 Released!

BioPortal Ontology VisualizationBioPortal allows users to browse, upload, download, search, comment on, and create mappings for ontologies.

This newly updated portal allows users to find ontologies based on a variety of criterion, including subject, concept, class name, and attribute. Users can also explore/download ontologies and mappings.

New features in BioPortal 2.0 include:

  • Full ontology navigation using Flash visualization
  • Web-service access to BioPortal content and capabilities, which enables developers to use our BioPortal services in their tools.
  • Ability to add Marginal Notes to classes in BioPortal ontologies, a feature that enables the community to comment on ontologies and to discuss their contents
  • Ability to create Point to Point Mappings between concepts in different BioPortal ontologies
  • Bulk export of ontology-to-ontology mappings in RDF format
  • Navigation of multiple ontologies, which enables users to have several ontologies opened simultaneously in different tabs in the user interface
  • URIs for all ontology content, which enable developers to access and share BioPortal content from their applications
  • Improved support through Protégé for ontologies in OWL format