Big Data Translates into Big Opportunities... and Big Responsibilities

Nature Cover, September 4, 2008
In recognition of the 10th anniversary of Google, Nature Magazine presents a look at big data. Many of the articles point to the inundation of data, and demonstrate the need for tools like the semantic web. Just as Google transformed the way we search web content, the semantic web will present innovative ways to store, find, and use scientific data. The semantic web, while virtually invisible, facilitates organization of data in a machine-readable fashion. This organization enables diverse datasets to be connected, using metadata.

From Nature, Volume 4, Issue No. 7209, September 4, 2008

"Above all, data on today's scale require scientific and computational intelligence. Google may now have its critics, but no one can deny its impact, which ultimately stems from the cleverness of its informatics. The future of science depends in part on such cleverness again being applied to data for their own sake, complementing scientific hypotheses as a basis for exploring today's information cornucopia."

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