MMI Semantic Web Services and Tools

MMI Semantic Web Services and Tools

With the proliferation of vocabularies specific to projects, data
repositories, domains, and even individual scientists, finding and
using data has become a manual and often labor-intensive task. To
facilitate data discovery in the oceanographic realm, MMI has developed
web services and tools, provided guides, and hosted mapping sessions and workshops
to facilitate usage and discovery of vocabularies including easy to use tools to crosswalks from project vocabularies to more standard/recommended ones.

addition, MMI has conceived and begun implementing a semantic
framework, to let the Marine science community leverage this library of
semantic work. MMI wrote up a description of the semantic framework, which includes both a general overview of the framework's operations, and details about user and software interactions.

To make the ontologies and the mappings available, the ontologies are
stored in a data base, indexed and made available using web services.
Each term in the ontologies is also made a first-class resource on the
web, named with a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) which can be used
to dereference additional metadata about the resource.

The MMI Ontology Registry and Repository (MMI ORR) provides the following functionality:


  • Registration and hosting of vocabularies and ontologies
  • Easy ingestion and registratrion of vocabularies in tabular form
  • Easy definition of terms mappings accross multiple vocabularies
  • Web dereferencing of vocabularies, terms, and mappings
  • Metadata management
  • Versioning
  • Fully-hosted and re-hosted modes of registration
  • Programmatic access via HTTP based APIs

Detail Documentation: MMI ORR User Manual

Status: Although the software is stable, the system is still in beta status. More status details here.

Other Web Services

Many of the previous demonstration web services at MMI have been deprecated. Information about deprecated MMI web services can be found here.