Working with Mappings


ORR includes a mapping builder to create and edit mappings between concepts and terms in multiple ontologies or controlled vocabularies. Mapping between controlled vocabularies in a given domain is essential to interoperability between different data systems in the domain. In other words, it is important to have a machine-readable way for a search computer to understand how terms are related (for example, if one term is equivalent to, more general than, or narrower than another term).

Doing accurate mapping requires an in-depth knowledge of the meaning of
the terms in each vocabulary. It is usually most efficient to gather a
small group of domain experts, who are familiar with the controlled
vocabularies, together for an in-person mapping session. In addition to
the domain experts, the mapping team may also include a facilitator,
recorder, tools specialist, ontology specialist, domain lead, and
communication liaison. (See the Vocabulary Mapping Workshop Template).