International Coastal Atlas Network (ICAN) Interoperability Prototype


As a result, of the Coastal Atlas Interoperability workshop held by the International Coastal Atlas Network (ICAN) at Oregon State University in July 2007, a prototype was design to make semantically interoperable two atlases: the Oregon Coastal Atlas, initiated in 2000, and MIDA - The Marine Irish Digital Atlas  initiated in 2002. The prototype consists of a web interface that is able to query the 2 atlases using concepts familiar to the user (e.g., coastal erosion concepts). Each atlas exposes its terminology, metadata and data using standard interfaces, leveraging tools and best practices.

The user’s concepts, and atlases terminologies will be expressed using ontologies. This will allow the use of Semantic Web technologies (editing tools, APIs, etc.) to relate concepts across ontologies and to query the created relations. Metadata will be published using an ISO 19139 profile of the Catalog Service for the Web (CSW). Data (i.e., maps) will be published using OGC WMS services.