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MMI Email Announcement

Want to send your colleagues an announcement about MMI activities at AGU? Check out the "canned" message here

News Item on MMI site

We've prepared a News item for the MMI site. If you're a primary "MMI Author", please be sure to update this as needed/wanted!

MMI Handout

We are working on a MMI brochure, that will be handed out at all posters/presentations, etc.
Here's the final draft of the general brochure,and the insert for AGU

MMI Label

Want to include MMI on your materials, or advertise that you're an MMI affiliate? You can use this jpeg, or we'll have labels for you to stick just about anywhere...

Heard about the MMI video?

John, Luis and Caryn are working on a video, to highlight OOSTethys as an eGY Demonstration. John will be in the eGY booth on Tuesday, December 11, 09:30-12:00.

Please do stop by the eGY booth, check out the demo, represent MMI to passers by, and see some of the cool things eGY is involved in...

FYI, eGY stands for Electronic Geophysical Year. Check out this news item for more info...

Official MMI Abstracts, Presentations, etc

Session Presentation Type Contact Abstract Information Presentation Information
IN12 Oral Presentation John

Building Community and Governance of Metadata and Ontologies
Within the Marine Community

Abstract Reference Number: 12065
Paper Number: IN52A-06

Friday, 14 December
Location: MS, Room 305
Starting Time: 11:20

Time allotted: 12 minutes

IN05 Oral Presentation John (lead)

Marine Interoperability Efforts and Standards: What's Missing?

Abstract Reference Number: 10001
Paper Number: IN44A-05

Thursday, 13 December
Location: MS, Room 305
Starting Time: 16:51

IN 05
Oral Presentation Luis, et al.
Data and Semantic Interoperability for the Oceans Sensor Web

Abstract Reference Number: 10001
Paper Number: IN43C-06

Thursday, 13 December
Location: MS, Room 305
Starting Time: 14:46

IN08 Poster Dawn, Luis, et al.

A Prototype Ontology Tool and Interface for Coastal Atlas Interoperability

Abstract Reference Number: 13958
Paper Number: IN53B-1211

Friday, 14 December
Location: MS, Exhibit Hall B
Starting Time: 13:40

IN12 Convener Luis Building Community and Governance withing Earth and Space Science Content Models

Presentation Session
Friday, 14 December
Location: MS, 305
Starting Time: 10:20

Poster Session
Friday, 14 December
Location: MS, Exhibit Hall B
Starting Time: 13:40

IN12 Poster

Nan (lead)


MMI: Increasing Community Collaboration

Abstract Reference Number: 12438
Paper Number: IN53A-0951

Friday, 14 December
Location: MS, Exhibit Hall B
Starting Time: 1340


final image of poster

Caryn (lead)


DIVE Into Metadata With MMI

Abstract Reference Number: 10924
Paper Number: IN41A-0069

Thursday, 13 December
Location: MS, Exhibit Hall B
Starting Time: 0800

MMI Affiliate Abstracts, Presentations, etc

Session Abstract Number and/or Title Contact Poster and/or Presentation
IN19 Title:Lessons Learned From 104 Years of Mobile Observatories Steve Miller Final Poster here
IN05 The Global Multi-Resolution Topography (GMRT) Synthesis
Bob Arko
Coming Soon...

Poster / Presentation Logistics


Due to heightened security at airports and all the last minute changes that happen to posters, AGU has made arrangements with a local San Francisco printer to get your posters printed and available for pick up at the Moscone Center. The cost will be $75 per poster. To upload files for printing, please go to (Login: AGU2007; Password: agudpi). Please note that payment must be received in order to pick up posters. Credit card payments will be accepted at the DPI booth. Fall Meeting participants will also be able to arrange poster printing on site for pickup later in the week. Please note that DPI needs at least 3 days to fulfill each order. Questions about this service can be directed to Sanjay Sakhuja, DPI, 645 Mariposa Street, San Francisco, CA 94107; (415) 216-0031;


Please review guidelines to prepare your session, order AV equipment, and pre-submit your presentation. (This information will be available by 1 November). We strongly encourage you to pre-submit your visual aids not later than 5 December. Instructions will be provided on the AGU Web site


The pre-registration deadline is 2 November; after 2 November, registration fees will increase. The housing deadline is 9 November. Please print the confirmation information and bring these documents to the Meeting with you.


The Fall Meeting offers a variety of services, such as childcare, a message service, and more. For a complete list of available services, Click here.
Note: Information about other Meeting services is posted as details become available.


A complete searchable Meeting database will be posted on the Web site by close of business, 22 October.


Only a limited number of CDs will be available at the Fall Meeting. We strongly encourage you to burn your own CD following the instructions that will be provided on the Web site.