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Throughout its history, MMI has been very active in the Marine Science and Information Technology Community. MMI Members routinely attend conferences, prepare presentations and posters for meetings, and represent the collective experience of MMI. The presentations, posters and documents that follow represent our community activities!

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TitleDescriptionPresentation Datesort icon
Semantic Enablement with Existing Tools OGC 201506 How ORR raises and addresses issues about OGC semantic enablement2015.06.10
Drop It! Good Boy! And other metadata strategies Good metadata practices to motivate good metadata entries2014.02.27
Content-Infused OGC Web Services Enabling Dynamic Quality Assessment in Observing Systems Paper and presentation at the Workshop on Sensor Web Enablement 20112011.10.27
MMI, ORR, and Semantics for EuroMarine Collaboration Applicability of MMI's ORR for EuroMarine Workshop 20112011.10.18
The MMI Ontology Registry and Repository 2011.01.26
SWEET 2.1 Ontologies Oral presentation at the AGU Fall 2010 Meeting2010.12.21
The MMI Device Ontology: Enabling Sensor Integration Oral presentation at the AGU Fall 2010 Meeting2010.12.17
MMI: A Model for Community Collaboration Short presentation about MMI for the National Geoinformatics Community Workshop2010.10.01
Computers and Ocean Data (about Data): The Last Bits What to do about ocean data systems in the next 20 years (advice to NRC panel)2010.07.09
SWE in the Oceans Community Snapshot June 2010 SWE in the Oceans Community Snapshot June 20102010.07.02
Regional Ocean Data Portal: Transforming Information to Knowledge Oral presentation at the AGU Fall 2009 Meeting2009.12.17
Moving Beyond the 10,000 Ways That Don't Work Oral presentation at the AGU Fall 2009 Meeting2009.12.17
The MMI Ontology Registry and Repository Presentation of the MMI ORR, its components, and example applications.2009.12.08
MMI's Semantic Framework and OOI's Data Model: A View Via Device Ontologies Presentation: How MMI's solution intersect with OOI needs2009.12.08
Oceans Semantic Mediator Presentation at the Spatial Ontology Community of Practice (SOCOP)2009.11.14


TitleDescriptionPresentation Datesort icon
MMI's Metadata and Vocabulary Solutions: 10 Years and Growing MMI's 10 year anniversary poster! Highlights, including the ORR vocabulary service.2014.12.17
MMI and R2R: Applying a Device Ontology to Research Vessels in the Academic Fleet Poster: Ocean Sciences 20102010.02.22
The MMI Earth Sciences Semantic Framework Presentation at the ESIP Meeting 2010, Jan 5th at Washington, DC2010.01.07
Towards a shared scientific observation model Poster presentation at the AGU Fall 2009 Meeting2009.12.17
Ontologies: Semantic Nirvana for Earth Science Model Interoperability? Poster presentation at the AGU Fall 2009 Meeting2009.12.17
OOSTethys - Open Source Software for the Global Earth Observing Systems of Systems Poster presentation at the AGU Fall 2009 Meeting2009.12.17
Interoperability Between Coastal Web Atlases Using Semantic Mediation: A Case Study of the International Coastal Atlas Network Poster presentation at the AGU Fall 2009 Meeting2009.12.17
The MMI Semantic Framework: Rosetta Stones for Earth Sciences Poster presentation at the AGU Fall 2009 Meeting2009.12.10
International Coastal Atlas Network (ICAN) Overview Poster Poster presented at Coastal GeoTools '09 (credits MMI as a member of ICAN)2009.04.05
Reactive Leadership: Divining, Developing, and Distributing Community Ontologies Poster for Fall 2008 AGU: History and future of community ontology progress2008.12.15
Semantic Sensor Observation Networks in a Billion-Sensor World Poster at AGU Fall Meeting, 20082008.12.15
Semantic Integration for Marine Science Interoperability Using Web Technologies Poster at AGU Fall Meeting, 20082008.12.15
Rolling Deck to Repository II: Getting Control of Provenance and Quality Poster presented at the Fall, 2008 AGU Meeting2008.12.14
Sensors for Ocean Observations: The Missing Links Poster for Ocean Sciences 20082008.04.15
Sensors for Marine Observations: What's Missing The poster describing what's needed for sensor interoperability in marine science.2008.04.03


TitleDescriptionPresentation Datesort icon
OOS Semantic Interoperability Workshop Report Final report on outcomes from the OOS Semantic Interoperability Workshop2015.02.09
NSF Annual Reports 2009 Reports issued to NSF for MMI Grant2009.07.02
Technical Advisory Panel Monthly Report: April—June 2009 2009.06.30
Report of International Coastal Atlas Network Workshop 3 on Federated Coastal Atlases: Building on the Interoperable Approach Workshop Report, international, credits MMI2009.04.05
Report on Coastal Mapping and Informatics Trans-Atlantic Workshop 2: Coastal Atlas Interoperability, Workshop Report, designed and delivered with help of MMI2009.04.05
NAP ISO 19115 Comments Submitted by MMI Spreadsheet of comments submitted by MMI2008.10.31
Workshop Report on Ocean Observing Semantic Interoperability Planning 2008.09.19
Summary: IODE/JCOMM Forum on Oceanographic Data Management and Exchange Standards Report on the IODE/JCOMM Forum on oceanographic standards2008.01.31
MMI Comments to North American Profile of ISO 19115 These comments were consolidated by MMI from its membership, and submitted to the hosts of the North American Profile of ISO 19115.2007.04.03
Report on MMI Sensor Metadata Interoperability Workshop Report prepared for the SeaDataNet Technical Team2007.03.21
Workshop Report 2005 Final MMI Workshop Report documents for the 2005 Advancing Domain Vocabularies workshop.2007.02.23

Videos, Movies, and Animations

TitleDescriptionPresentation Datesort icon
Creating a Standards-Based Interoperable Framework for Ocean Data (the video!) Premier of the Demonstration Video of OOSTethys, a distributed data system framework based on standards and focusing on interoperability of data and metadata.2008.02.08
Demonstration Video Transcript Transcript of the OOSTethys Demonstration Video2007.12.15

Articles and Publications

TitleDescriptionPresentation Datesort icon
MMI Paper on Semantic Mediation MMI publication: "Semantic mediation of vocabularies for ocean observing systems"2011.11.20
Content-Infused OGC Web Services Enabling Dynamic Quality Assessment in Observing Systems Paper and presentation at the Workshop on Sensor Web Enablement 20112011.10.27
Geoinformatics: Transforming data to knowledge for geosciences 2010.12.02
Coastal Atlas Interoperability in Coastal Informatics: Web Atlas Design and Implementation MMI team publishes chapter in new book2010.07.28
International Coastal Atlas Network: An ontology-based mediator for Catalogue Services for the Web Conference paper, co-authored by MMI2009.04.05
Ontology-based mediation of OGC Catalogue Service for the Web requests: A virtual solution for integrating coastal web atlases Conference paper, co-authored by MMI2009.04.05
Advancing ecological research with Ontologies (a review paper) A review paper on the use of ontologies in ecological research2008.08.08
When Hydrospheres Collide: Lessons In Practical Environmental Ontologies Paper and Presentation at the ICHE/Oceans '06 Conference (Boston, MA)2006.09.13
Semantic Interoperability: a Goal for Marine Data Management Presentation and Paper for the ICES CM 2006/M Environmental and fisheries data management, access, and integration2006.05.06
MMI EOS Article EOS Article about MMI, December, 20052006.01.07
Metadata with MMI: Opening the Door for Collaboration Presentation and Paper submitted to the IEEE Data Interoperability Workshop, Italy2005.06.20
Vocabulary Integration Environment: VINE VINE paper published from a presentation at II Colombian Congress of Computation April 20072004.04.15

MMI Handouts

TitleDescriptionPresentation Datesort icon
MMI Brochure (2008) General MMI Brochure, updated with Semantic Web Project2008.12.13
2008 OOSSI Handouts Handouts from the 2008 Semantic Interoperability Workshop2008.11.19
MMI Brochure (2007) General MMI Brochure2008.09.21
MMI Postcard (2007) General MMI Postcard, updated for 20072007.06.01
MMI Postcard (2006) Introductory Postcard, 2006 update2006.12.16
MMI Postcard (2005) Introductory Postcard 2005.12.16
MMI Postcard (Word) Early text outline of an MMI Postcard2004.11.11

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