Group Features

Point out team blocks.
- Highlight key links block.
- Highlight activities block and list of members.
- Highlight content filing block.
Also note group-specific features in the Recent Content and Personal Menus.

3 content blocks on the right are different: "Team Content", "Team Activities" and "Key Links"
Team Content organizes documents in general classes - people can label their content with different terms - very handy feature to reduce the amount of material you are trying to deal with or especially to find

anything added is visible to all members of team; you can also make this public which will be encouraged

when it comes to creating content there are links in the middle block, "Steering Committee" that allow you create a book page, an image, or a page

book page vs. page = page is the basic unit, whereas book page has a parent page that connects you to the main book or guide; currently used for guides, site help, and guides in development

Search box here will ONLY search within the content for the particular team

Key Links is uniquely configured for each team