Navigation by Taxonomy

MMI Taxonomies

The MMI site is organized primarily by taxonomies, or vocabularies that are used to tag the content on the site. We have provided a way to navigate around these taxonomies, going up or down the tree, and find all the content that has been tagged with that taxonomic term.

Taxonomies For Navigation

You can navigate the following taxonomies by clicking on their names, which will take you to a navigation tree you can follow to find terms and content.

A more complete list of taxonomies supporting navigation is provided below.

Keyword Taxonomy

The keyword taxonomy organizes content by marine metadata interoperability concepts. These terms can be used to find related content. For example, the assigned keyword is presented as a link at the top of each page. The complete taxonomy is presented at the link above.

URL Path Taxonomy

The URL Path taxonomy organizes content by "location" (or URL). In this taxonomy, each term corresponds to an element of the primary URL path at which the content can be found. So if the node has as its primary alias '", you can find a term in URL Path taxonomy that is ont, and whose parents are 'teams' and 'community'.

community teams ont


Even more interestingly, access to content can be constructed in a web browsers using these terms in three simple steps:

  1. Open a location that begins
  2. Append a path corresponding to the ontology hierarchy you are interested in, in this case /community/teams/ont
  3. Append '/content'

This URL— — will produce a listing of all the terms and content under the term community:teams:ont in the URL Path taxonomy.

Additional Taxonomies in Use on the MMI Site

* Included in the Add MMI Reference Page, used to generate search parameters on Reference Pages
** Included in the Add Opportunity Page, used to generate the Community > Professional Opportunities Page